Thanks for considering GirlsOutWest.com for your amateur affiliate traffic conversions. We currently offer 2 payment methods. The default is CCBill Paid, which is just as the name says, Paid by CCBill, every two weeks, like clockwork. All affiliates by DEFAULT will be signed up into this program and we REQUIRE you link your Girls Out West CCBill affiliate number to your account here. Once you signup here, you will have a place in the affiliate admin to set your CCBill affiliate number. The other option is to be paid via Paxum (or check), we do not offer this to all affiliates but will make it available to affiliates that can send a certain amount of sales per month as well as keep your promotional materials for GirlsOutWest to our specifications. This is on a CASE by CASE basis. Please contact us HERE so we can review your account and traffic to see if you qualify. If you do, we will provide a password for you to signup. Thanks for your understanding.

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